Where imaginations become reality.

La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park is operational since 4th of July 1998 and is actively engaged in the business of eco-tourism. The discovery of the 23 colored earth in the late 90’s, displayed in bands and domes within the domain, constitutes a unique geological feature in this part of the world. This feature, the very signature of La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park is a major landmark in the continuous development of the tourism industry of Mauritius.

The fascinating attractions of the Nature Park, spreads over some 450 acres of land and revolves around the indigenous fauna and flora that abound in the park. The range of natural landscapes, with its plateaus, plains, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, pools and ponds, unfolding inside this green amphitheater provides an unforgettable experience for visitors. The geology museum, unique in the Mascarene Islands, has a rich collection of artifacts that trace the geological history of Mauritius and that of La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park.

The natural waterfalls cascading in musical tunes into wide plunge pools of limpid waters provide a sense of peace and harmony with nature. Over the past years, La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park has become an irresistible destination for both Mauritian and overseas visitors. The Nature Park continues to develop a variety of activities in line with its central theme as a nature park with a view to making it the most attractive destination in Mauritius.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To make La Vallée des Couleurs Nature park a quality destination and an attraction center of high touristic value for local and international visitors. The park is committed to providing memorable experiences that are thrilling, fun, entertaining and educational within the theme park.

Our aim is to maintain a healthy financial status, be an employer of choice, while serving our community with the highest standards of safety, animal welfare, products and guest services.

Our Vision

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park will be one of the world’s best resorts and theme parks where all activities and events are organised around that theme and where visitors will enjoy the thrill of discovery.

Visitors walking the nature trails or driving on the quad trails will be connected with the natural scenic environment and come face to face with various sub themes, which would be subsets of the overall theme.