Quad Biking

A float of quads and buggies is available for an adventurous drive full of thrills along wooded paths along which will unfold a flora and fauna so typical to the park .

Visitors go through a test drive before leaving for their adventures and will be accompanied by our experienced guide for their trails.

Quad 250 cc

A visit of the park can be more fun when doing it on a quad bike. From the float of Quad Bikes available at La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park, we have more than twenty 250 cc quad bikes. These standard bikes, perfect for youngsters, are equipped with an automatic speed, which makes driving easier.

Quad 500 cc

Your adventure can be even more thrilling on our 500cc quad bike. More than twenty of these bikes are available for our visitors. Perfect for both youngsters and couples in search of adventure, the 500cc quad bikes are equipped with an automatic speed and power steering. Comfort is guaranteed and they are ideal for muddy tracks, steeps, mountainous regions, crossing rivers, etc.

Quad 550 cc

The beauty of the nature park can also be unveiled through a ride on the 550cc quad bikes, which have almost the same features as the 500cc Quad Bike except that it is faster. The 550cc is comfortable and is equipped with an automatic speed and power steering. It has multiple options and is more sophisticated. You will be able to discover the forest and the wildlife and the private waterfall if you opt for the two hours trail