Rock & Fern Garden

The rock garden ,inspired from the 7th century ZEN gardens of Japan constitutes an important stop over of the Vallée des couleurs Nature Park It is a garden with flowers and plants growing among rocks of different sizes and shapes variously designed.

The garden is intended to radiate calm and silence which serves as a stimulus to meditation in an environment where rocks, trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, sand, corals, cobbles and pebbles blend with the musical tunes of cascading curtains of water entering a tranquil pond.

Four elements are present in the garden : soils, rocks, water and fresh air. The  rock garden comprises an upper part which is a "dry landscape" with carefully composed arrangements of rocks and a lower part with water feature with a stream cascading smoothly like curtains into two ponds.

Along the pedestrian trail which winds along the left bank of River Patates , the ferns garden provides a soothing atmosphere for visitors. The freshness of the luxuriant ferns , always moist and dripping during rainy days is inviting indeed and are ideal companions in the woodland area of the valley.

These ferns are native to the area and deliver welcome color and texture, especially when blended with other riverine vegetation and they come in a startlingly wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes