The Chamouzé waterfall

Nordic Walk, Swiss Alps or French Hiking?

As visitors continue their trail, they would be awe inspired by this vertical waterfall that is really breath taking. The sounds of this waterfall is heard from a distance. A safe footstep leads to the Chamouzé waterfall. The name of this fall was given by the French , who most probably were inspired by the snowy waterfalls of the Chamouny area of Switzerland and also as a tribute to the village of Chamouny, where the vallée des Couleurs is located.

This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Mauritius which ancient travelers called the “ land of waterfalls and rainbows”. You are invited to spend some time enjoying the beauty of this waterfall.

Vacoas waterfall

Nordic Walk, Swiss Alps or French Hiking?

Following the pedestrian and quad trails, visitors will find a kiosk in a strategic area which constitutes a viewpoint overlooking the south of the Island of Mauritius. The rustling sounds of falling water heralds the presence of two waterfalls nearby the kiosk.

The Vacoas waterfall, obtains its name from the presence of vacoas, an endemic plant of Mauritius. The fall resembles a wide rapid as it tumbles over layers of horizontal basalt rocks and ends up in a pool where one can enjoy a refreshing dip after a long walk.

Bois de Natte waterfall

Nordic Walk, Swiss Alps or French Hiking?

The river below the Vacoas waterfall regains its horizontal allure for a few meters and then dips into another spectacular waterfall higher and deeper than the Vacoas fall. This is the Bois de Natte Fall, again named after an endemic plant, specimen of which visitors will come across along the valley trails.

Cheveux d’Ange waterfall

Nordic Walk, Swiss Alps or French Hiking?

This is a very private waterfall located in the heart of the green woods and accessible by quads and buggies. The frothy braided falls resemble carefully combed hair falling on the shoulders of a lady and swaying under the light breeze. Hence the name “ Cheveux d’Ange”.

The circular and shallow plunge pool below the fall is a natural tub of fresh and limpid water which is an invitation for a private dip with your family.