Authentic phenomenon

Some consequences of volcanoes eruption can be stunning and because it is found at the foot of a volcano, La Vallee des Couleurs in Mauritius inherited a beautiful consequence of million-years chemical reactions from volcanic ashes which changed in composition over time as rains, moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide interacted, resulting in a palette of 23 colours ranging from red to brown, pale yellow, ochre, purple, bluish, and greenish.

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After careful studies, scientists have ascertained the existence of the 23 coloured earth using international colour codes and declared the authenticity of the phenomenon: The 23 coloured earth is unique to La Vallée des Couleurs in Mauritius. It is a most exceptional attraction in Mauritius that travelers cannot miss, make your trip to La Vallée des couleurs top the list of things to do in Mauritius while you are on the Island.


Photos and videos

  • Panoramic Coloured Earth Formations, Mauritius
  • Vibrant Coloured Earth Landscape in Mauritius
  • Panoramic Coloured Earth Formations, Mauritius
  • Close-up: Natural Hues of Coloured Earth in Mauritius
  • Coloured Earth, Mauritius

Unique 23 coloured earth in the world

You might want spend some good time capturing memorable moments into photos to add to your travel album or share with friends and families when you reach the coloured earth, because chances of seeing 23 colours of earth at another location is slimmest. However, we pride ourselves not in the colours of the earth in La Vallée des couleurs, but in the satisfaction and smile of our clients who visit us. Our visitors taking away a lovely experience and memories is what our purpose it about.

Activities around 23 coloured earth

Because of our uniqueness in this part of the world, we have made it a must that our attractions and activities at La Vallée des Couleurs in Mauritius are developed around the coloured earth; ziplines fly you over them, quads and buggies drive along them, so do private guided tours as well as treks.

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