Gardens at La Vallée des couleurs

Rock garden is inspired from the 7th century ZEN gardens of Japan, where flowers and plants growing among rocks of different sizes and shapes variously designed. The garden is intended to radiate calm and silence which serves as a stimulus to self-peace and meditation in an environment where natural elements; rocks, trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, sand, corals, cobbles and pebbles blend with the musical tunes of cascading curtains of water entering a tranquil pond.

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Rock garden at La Vallée des couleurs for inner peace

Close your eyes and let go of the mundane rush when you enter the Rock Garden. Imagine the peace you want to and let the calm symphony of natural elements take you there.The sound of Rocks, shrubs, flowers, grass, sand, corals, cobbles, and pebbles merge with the melody of cascading curtains entering a peaceful pond is an illustration of your journey towards the inner peace.


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Fern Garden

At our Fern garden, you will be in harmony with nature and create tranquil woodland memories walking pass our ferns and mosses. Ferns have always had a distinctive position in Japanese gardening and have proved themselves as hardy outdoor plants. Fern growers agree that the best fern species are Japanese.
The architectural foliage of ferns adds a calming swishing sound with movement or the gentle rustles from the wind, giving you a calming sense as you walk down the garden. Add to it, the soothing and comforting sound of water burbling down the river flowing next to the garden will add to the built up and give you a memorable and elated peaceful experience.