European, Indian and local cuisines amongst others by a waterfall or by the lake is how our meal patrons enjoy dining in at our restaurants. Our in-house venison specialities are very prized in Mauritius.
Located in very peculiar nature settings in La Vallée des Couleurs, our two restaurants offer a variety of cuisines;

By the side of a lake – La Bigarade and by a waterfall – Le Chamouzé; they specialise in European and local cuisines, in various Indian cuisines and in Gourmet quick service food respectively. In-house venison produce are much prized by our meal patrons.

Good dishes are the symbiosis of science and art, and most of our Our seasoned chefs are from diverse professional horizons bringing in their talents in European, Mediterranean, Asian, Indian and local cuisines served in our two distinctive restaurants.


European, Indian or Local


La Bigarade

Cuisine Mauritian & European
Capacity 700 Seats
Opening time 12:00 to 15:00

Relish the promiscuity of the fauna and flora while savouring elaborately prepared meals by our expert chefs.

Raised by the lake side with a spectacular waterfall view, the largest restaurant in our nature park accommodates both a la carte and thematic buffets (mostly Mauritian and Indian, but not restricted to) and accommodates up to 700 persons.


Le Chamouzé

Cuisine Mauritian & European
Capacity 75 Seats
Opening time 12:00 to 15:00

Sumptuous wooden structure, perched metres away from the Chamouzé waterfall, is a gourmet quick service restaurant. Built in the midst of wild natural scenery, it offers an unequalled experience to our meal patrons and is known for its in-house venison produce. Our signature wild-deer burgers are our most prized a la carte menu options. Seating only 75 persons, we recommend pre-booking for an optimised experience.

  • Set Menu 1 (per person)

    (Any starter/main course/signature dessert) Excluding platters and signature burger

    Rs. 1,800
  • Set Menu 2 (per person)

    (Any starter/main course/ dessert of choice/home made ice tea) Excluding platters

    Rs. 2,000
  • Mixed Salad

    (From our community tomatoes, green cucumber, lettuce, pepper bell, victoria pineapple dice) (200g)

    Rs. 475
  • Greek Grilled Chicken Salad

    (From our community: tomatoes, green cucumber, lettuce, bell pepper, red onion, grilled marinated chicken breast) (250g)

    Rs. 550
  • Seafood Cocktail

    (Parsley Buttered Shrimps, Calamari, Mussels and Dorado Fish Fillet in a creamy homemade Mauritian äioli) (150g)

    Rs. 550
  • Our Gargantuan Signature Burger

    Angus Beef Patties (300g dish), Farm Breed Chicken Patties (300g dish)

    Rs. 1,050
  • Chamouze Signature Burger

    (Green Peas Veg Patties), Sides: Mixed salad/Chamouze fries/onion rings

    Rs. 1,050
  • Grilled Dorado Fish Fillet

    (Garlic & butter sauce) (275g dish)

    Rs. 975
  • Souris D’agneau

    Sides : Chamouze fries/mesclun salad/ mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables (400g dish)

    Rs. 1,050
  • Sea Food Platter (per person)

    (Unshell grilled giant camarones, crab, calamari, shrimps, dorado fish fillet and mussels) (1kg dish) with supplement package 1000 mur per person*

    Rs. 2,800

Please download Le Chamouze Full menu



  • Team Building

    La Vallee des Couleurs Nature park has developed team building events around its most beautiful attractions. Whether for conferences or staff training courses, our hilltop conference room offers an amazing panoramic view of the Savanne mountain range. From La Citronelle restaurant, you can observe the deer roaming free while your taste buds savour the expert dishes of our chefs during tea or lunch breaks.

  • Wedding venue

    At La Vallée des Couleurs, one of our main event activities is weddings, and we partner with the best professionals to make our clients' dreams come true and start their married life on the best notes with the most memorable experiences. Our catering services consist of European, local and various Indian cuisines meticulously prepared by our seasoned chefs.

  • Meetings, conferences, trainings and exhibitions in Mauritius

    At La Vallée des Couleurs, we understand great meetings, conferences and trainings go through tailoring of our meeting services to your requirements; our working area, a technology-enabled conference hall is equipped with video conferencing facilities, Wi-Fi, Projector, large LED Screen, Flip Chart, Sound System, Terrace access, Air-conditioning, Bottled Water, Notepad, pencils as well as a professional public addressing system. Our rental hours, catering menus, seating and table arrangements are always tailored to our customers’ needs.