Vivacious forest

Endemic plants are found across a few forests in the south of the island but La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park cherishes all its endemic trees and plants like the Ebenaceae or Black Ebony, Cassine orientalis or Bois d’Olive and the Bois de Natte among others and has dutifully protected the species.

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As a plant lover or simply a Nature Lover, you will be amazed at the pristine beauty of a vivacious forest all around the Valley, you will find a beautiful garden of species in their splendour. Some very old plants grown into trees and withstanding the test of times.


Photos and videos

Black ebony at La Vallée des couleurs

Known as the million dollar tree, the Black ebony is found only at a few locations, one of them being La Vallée des couleurs Nature Park. Rated as one of the most expensive wood in the world the Black ebony is known as the crown of all woods, refined and luxurious products that are produced from it. Its rarity in the world but its presence at La Vallees des Couleurs reveals the premium type of Flora that is protected in the Park.

Bois de natte and bois d’olive at La Vallée des couleurs

While you move into the valley and the forest unfurl in front of you while trekking or riding a quad or buggy, you will learn to recognise plants such as Bois de natte and bois d’olive on your own with the help of our guide. There will be ample opportunities to see the other native plants like the Trochetia and bouquet banané at your ease and clicking pictures of your trip to the unique La Vallee Des Couleurs of Mauritius.