Free yourself and drop all the weight from your shoulders! Fly over the Vallée des Couleurs Natural Park to get your fill of thrills! Choose from our range of ziplines. From the simplest and shortest (500m) for beginners, the Signature line (1,500m) for adrenaline junkies, the Discovery Tour line (1,600m) and finally, our Extreme Valley Tour (3,100m) .

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Requirements for Zipline at La Vallée des Couleurs

Minimum Age -
6 years

Minimum Height

Minimum Weight
30kg (Adventure Tour)

Maximum Weight
130kg (Adventure Tour)


We live for the nature

The perfect zipline adventure with the best nature views

Free yourself and drop all the weight off your shoulders. Fly over the natural park of La Vallée des Couleurs to get your fill of thrills! The aerial view of the natural park is one of the most exciting memories you will create in your life.

Choose from the largest selection of zip lines on the island. Beginners can opt for the simplest and shortest zip line of 500 meters. For thrill seekers, our two-part zipline over the waterfall is an experience in itself, especially with the spectacular view of the tallest waterfall in the park.

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La Vallée des Couleurs offers zip lines for all ages.

The Signature (1,500m) is our longest single line and one of our finest exclusive offers. The Discovery Line (1,600m) is a set of seven zip lines designed to allow our customers to discover the park an aerial view.
Our Extreme Valley Tour (3,100 m) is what it takes to satisfy your adrenaline needs!

Our zip lines are totally safe, our lines are regularly maintained, audited and checked daily. However, precautionary measures are in order when soaring through the air at high speed. Pay attention to the guide's instructions. Be sure to wear safety equipment correctly. Never jump off the platform before you are allowed to

  • From Rs 725 to Rs 5,350


    We have the largest zipline offerings. Select and fly to experience a birds-eye view of the park.

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  • From Rs 650 0 to Rs 1,250

    Nepalese Bridge

    Book and Cross the longest suspended bridge of the Indian Ocean (350m).

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  • From Rs 0 to Rs 500

    Admission Fee

    Explore the park through our walking trail with the help of our maps and signage.

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  • From Rs 4,925 to Rs 14,000

    Combo Package

    Unleash the adventurer within, try our Quad bikes at La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park! Thrill-seekers, You will love the terrific path we have traced for the optimal adventure through our unique landscapes and views. Make memories behind and let your desire for adventure and to explore nature be quenched by our 23 colours of Natural earth along with other breath-taking sceneries along the circuit(s).

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