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The topography at La Vallee des Couleurs is exceptional in this southern part of Mauritius. Our waterfalls are of the beautiful gifts that Nature offer to our visitors, more specifically the waterfall lovers or cataractophile.

While exploring the valley, you’ll know we’re nearing one of our four waterfalls by its rustling waterfall sound.

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Offering you coolness into a pristine natural green environment the cascades are all so beautiful as you enjoy the sight and the mist. Our visitors often choose to sit playfully under the falling water or even swimming in them or simply refreshing yourself by its shallow waters. The pleasure is real and the waterfall moments are safe and can be captured into beautiful photos or videos making them unique part of your #Metime and inner peace. Do not miss your waterfall moments.


Photos and videos

List of waterfalls at La Vallée des couleurs

As they flow into the rivers, waterfalls enhance the water quality through the provision of oxygen, which helps fishes and other living animals.

The valley consists of four different waterfalls which vary in size and height: Cascade Vacoas, Cascade Bois de Natte, Cascade Cheveux d’Ange and Cascade Chamouzé are our superb waterfalls where visitors can listen to swooshing water sound and relax in natural intimacy and feel inner peace.

Activities around waterfalls at La Vallée des couleurs

As you move into the valley to explore, whether on a trek or on quadbiking or buggies, we have specially designed our trails in a way that you discover the Valley in its entirety. Visitors have the opportunity to stop at every of the four waterfalls to relish your waterfall moments, stay as much as you wish; sit back and relish the moment, or swim and enjoy the water falling on you or more simply, click pictures of the landscape around and make memories.

One of our restaurant was specially built with the aim that our visitors enjoy the scenery and the charm of our private waterfall, the Chamouzé. Our guests enjoy their gourmet menu as they relish and capture those exclusive moments.