Animal farm

Nature lovers, botanists and environmentalists have certainly all good reasons to spend even more time in the Valley.

La Vallee des Couleurs offers animal lovers a unique experience to interact with a variety of animals living in the open. Visitors get to come close to the deer, tortoises and peacocks.

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Our open air animal farm sits in a beautifully valley, which serves as a natural haven for a wide variety of local fauna. The family of albino deer add a very rare and unusual touch to this exclusive ecosystem within La Vallée des Couleurs. Animal lovers will spend one of the most joyous moments in the Valley across their journey.


Photos and videos

Albinos deer at La Vallée des couleurs

People have been captivated by white deer for centuries, and perhaps millennia. The striking and beautiful appearance of these animals have attracted myths for an equally long period of time because of its extreme rarity. A family of all-white albinos deer have settled and live in La Vallée des Couleurs since 2020 and have become one of the major animal attractions in the park since. They are the only deer living in a closed area, and this because of their limited eyesights.

Animals rights at La Vallée des couleurs

Unlike the albinos deer, all the other animals bred a La Vallée des couleurs are uncaged and taken care of with utmost love and they roam around freely. They are as precious as the flora. They are bred and protected by professionals with the best resources allocated in ensuring their well being in the Valley. While visitors are allowed to interact with them, both the safety of the visitors are always ensured along with the animals without any compromise.