One of the most exciting three wheels experience where You are in control and manage speed and G-forces, the Mountain Luge Kart was first introduced in Mauritius by La Vallée des couleurs Nature Park and is a sustainable gravity-fuelled addictive activity which suits all skill levels and where users can’t get enough and at times book up to 3 rides.

Our tracks are designed with twists and turns to ride with your friends and family for a thrilling outdoor experience amidst our green valley. Climb aboard your Luge cart and let gravity and your sense of adventure do the rest!

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Requirements for Luge Kart at La Vallée des Couleurs

Minimum height

Minimum weight

Maximum weight


We live for the nature

The perfect Luge Kart adventure with the best nature views

With its 700M of fun ride in wild nature, the Mountain Luge Kart is a must do eco-friendly activity at La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park. While you enjoy the fast paced track far away from pollution, fill in your lungs with freshly produced oxygen from the surrounding forest.

Mountain Luge Kart is a fantastic adventure option aimed at anyone looking for exhilarating and unusual experiences to help break up the monotony of daily life. What could be better than an adrenaline rush while gliding down the slopes in complete control of their kart?

Luge Kart at La Vallée des Couleurs is for everyone

Luge Kart is one of the rare outdoor activities where adrenaline lovers as well as risk-averse individuals enjoy the activity as per their own expectations. The riders manage their own speed, therefore self-regulate their own experience. This makes it safe and accommodating for both older and younger riders.

Gravity simply delivers a ride that is thrilling enough for the extreme adventurer yet enjoyable for older and younger riders.

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  • From Rs 450 to Rs 1,250

    Mountain Luge kart

    Onboard your kart and enjoy the most uplifting downhill experience.

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  • From Rs 0 to Rs 500

    Admission Fee

    Explore the park through our walking trail with the help of our maps and signage.

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  • From Rs 2,625 to Rs 8,100

    Quad Discovery

    Book a guided one-hour park-discovery track on a Quad Bike.

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  • From Rs 5,900 to Rs 6,800

    Buggy Discovery

    Book a one-hour guided Buggy escapade and discover our Park.

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  • From Rs 650 to Rs 1,250

    Nepalese Bridge

    Book and Cross the longest suspended bridge of the Indian Ocean (350m).

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